We'll give you an experience
never to forget!


Who are we ?

The Subtitles decided to conquer the world together. Without violence.
With music: Subtitles-branded creations, ranging from reggae and ska to booty-shaking worldvibes, always played with unstoppable enthusiasm. After the first album in 2008, they steadily evolved into cheerfully insane, beamingly hebephrenic stage-animals.
Their music heats the coldest cool, fires up young and old, and degenerates time after time into a smashing party, where you will want to dance ‘till dawn.
We’ll give you an experience never to forget!


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Trafigura Part I - EP (2022)


  1. This Generation
  2. Like This
  3. Choose Your Side
  4. The Strong in this Storm

Wake Up (2016)


  1. Day in day out
  2. Live on your feet
  3. Le sceptre de Viziok
  4. This world is bound to burst
  5. A strange feeling
  6. Subor
  7. Muktuk
  8. Ayahuasca
  9. Ivan subtitr
  10. Wake up
  11. Red skin
  12. Future of a nation
  13. Cordoba

The Subtitles (2008)


  1. L'herbe (Roots)
  2. Move Move Move!
  3. Listen Close
  4. Rabbi Leroy
  5. Find Your Way
  6. Remember Me
  7. Nobody is Holy
  8. Red Scarabs
  9. Sambucca (Do You Like)
  10. Arabini Racouta


29 September Thirsty Friday - De Mortselarij (Mortsel)


Come & drink Sambucca together,

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